Our Committed and Professional Team Is Our Real Strength


At Shiv Shakti Agro (India) Ltd. (SAIL), our dedicated professional always ensures regular production and ceaseless innovation & upgradation through its in-house R&D wing and laboratories. The skilled sales team and dedicated dealer network provides efficient and effective on-time delivery right up to your doorstep. All this is achieved while simultaneously attending to the maintenance and improvement of quality in every aspects of our business.

The Company’s strengths are further enhanced by keeping abreast of recent happenings in the scientific and industry world, maintaining a continuous inward and outward flow of knowledge through active participation in seminars, and exhibitions, and regular interaction with national research laboratories.

Manufacturing Process

Raw Materials are checked for quality both physically as well by analytical tests. Then based on acceptance by the quality control laboratory it is taken for process. RawMaterials are cleaned in specialized cleaning machines and loaded in their concerned bins through conveyors and elevators. Then Raw Materials are batched (weighed and taken for process) depending on the end products. The batched Raw Materials are grinded in grinders, then homogeneously mixed in mixer. The mixed mash is cooked in steam to enhance the richness of the raw material, kill unwanted bacteria, virus and ensure a healthy feed. The cooked mash is converted to pellets in pellet mill. Then pellets are cooled, and packed. If smaller particles are required then it is crumbled sieved and packed.